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Our offer

The proof of our quality as 10,000 satisfied customers!
Producing 95% of the parts of our products we sufficiently talk about our reliability.
Service is available to customers during the warranty period and Postguarantee.

What we do

We are producing milking devices for goats, cows and sheeps, as well as spare parts for them.

Professional Support

Basic service activities are proper maintenance of milking devices in NOVAKOVIC-3M warranty and Postguarantee time. In all service units, we offer you a professional installation of spare parts NOVAKOVIC-3M, for only can maintain the longevity and quality of our products.

What are original spare parts ?
- These are just those parts that have passed incoming inspection procedures.
- The same parts are embeded in the manufacturing process into finished products, in order to check their quality and adequacy.

Supply of spare parts ?
- For the purpose of long-term care service plan we produce the required amount of spare parts.
- This allows us to smoothly and quickly respond whenever necessary to service or repair product of NOVAKOVIC-3M.
- We provide assistance in the sale of spare parts as well as in maintenance and servicing of the device within the warranty period and Postguarantee.

Why work with NOVAKOVIC-3M

- NOVAKOVIC-3M with their products makes your life easier
- NOVAKOVIC-3M uses only the highest quality materials in the production
- NOVAKOVIC-3M 24 hours of support
- Cooperation with NOVAKOVIC-3M does not require a risk, the reason for this is that we produce 95% of our products.