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What we offer

The proof of our quality as 10,000 satisfied customers!
Producing 95% of the parts of our devices we talk about reliability.
Service is available to customers during the warranty period and Postguarantee.

Our history

DOO-Novakovic 3M is a privately owned company, founded in 27.01.1989 year in Indjija as a small workshop. Following the markets and non-stop product development we have grown into a company that has 20 employees, and is engaged in the production, sale and service of milking machines for cows, goats and sheep and spare parts for them.

As evidence of the quality of our products, 2012 was year when was established menagment quality that suits the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 CE sign (CE mark) which is mandatory and applies to the safety of our products in the EU member states. CE mark is our legitimacy for export in the countries of EU.